Quadrant XTD: The Devine Cockeyed Glimpse

ericThe recordings are finished. The mixing has been done. The mastering is happening right now, the cover is designed. The album which has had several working titles is emerging. It´s born under the name `The Devine Cockeyed Glimpse`. In the proces of creating this work I´ve had difficult choices to make. I choose to do exactly as I wanted to do it.
The QXTD line up is a little smaller than previously. I've asked new people to work with me on this album:Bram Stadhouders on guitar, Wiboud Burkens and Erwin Hoorweg on Keys. Of course my main man Hans Timmermans (beatmaster) will be part of it and Erwin Vann on saxophone will be the main improvisor with his fabulous sound, sounds and effects Jimmy Rage has delivered superb poetry . Angelo Verploegen on trumpet and fluegelhorn and Ilja Reijngoud on trombone are in there too! Richard van Kruijsdijk is going to do a lot of solo editting; Hermann Blaupunkt is a analogue sample master that participates too.

In September 2010 the band will do a series of concerts starting of in Paradox on 10/9/2010. It´s a long way but planning is increasingly harder than a decade ago so you work in advance....